• Drone Studies
    Vaagner VAA06-LP
    Release date: May 6, 2022

    Track listing :
    All music composed by Clarice Jensen
    The Organ That Made You Bleed
    One Bee
    Platonic Solids 2

    Available via digital download and on LP: Bandcamp

    A remastered reissue of the 2019 Geographic North cassette and digital release, presented in a new vinyl edition by Berlin-based label Vaagner. Three years later, Drone Studies has lost none of its innovative character and appeal. It also documents a turning point in Jensen's career, one where her classically trained background started to converged and overlap with her interests in improvisational electronics and drone music. As a result, the aptly titled Drone Studies shows Jensen at her most exploratory, introspective, and daring, channeling her areas of interest into a collage of richly textured timbers, and cello movements of sublime tension.

    Now for the first time, the original album can be experienced through an expanded vinyl reissue, mastered by Rafael Anton Irissari, and carefully adjusted for vinyl by Ian Hawgood. The new reissue also features an additional track by Jensen called Platonic Solids 2, which was originally conceived around the same time as Drone Studies, and which has now been made available exclusively for the vinyl edition and on the Vaagner Bandcamp.