• Drone Studies
    Geographic North GN53
    Release date: September 6. 2019

    Track listing :
    The Organ That Made You Bleed by Clarice Jensen
    One Bee by Clarice Jensen

    Available on cassette (SOLD OUT) and digital download:
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    Jensen now follows her debut album For This From That Will Be Filled with Drone Studies, highlighting Jensen’s improvisational prowess, venturing even deeper into the meditative mire but with more organic, naturally expressive air.

    “The Organ that Made You Bleed” presents a succinctly striking suite that opens in medias res, awakening in a howling chorus of disembodied tones. This tragic ocean of estranged sound ebbs and flows, almost unnoticeable growing in a swell of hymnal hysteria. The calmly chaotic frenzy soon gives way into a layered composite of deep drones and tidal textures. Hopeful harmonies clash with eerie dissonance, suggesting the deeply human balance between darkness and lightness. It’s a magnum opus told in a sequence sketches, and each new turn is a cavern of radiant resonance.

    'One Bee' perfectly foils the A-side with an insomniatic interplay of pure tones and richly repetitive cello phrases. The piece begins as a blank canvas, simultaneously empty and brimming with potential. One by one, solitary tones reveal themselves in the foreground until forming a small choir of complementary combinations. This beautifully odd ritual plays out in slow motion as Jensen’s cello performs a tight loop of emotionally expressive notes.

    Taken as a whole, Drone Studies a harrowing set of deep listening that uncovers new gifts with each repeated listen.

  • For this from that will be filled
    Miasmah Records MIA041
    Release date: April 6. 2018

    Track listing :
    bc by Clarice Jensen and Jóhann Jóhannsson
    Cello Constellations by Michael Harrison
    For this from that will be filled (a) by Clarice Jensen
    For this from that will be filled (b) by Clarice Jensen

    Artwork by Jonathan Turner

    Available on vinyl, CD, and digital download:
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    For this from that will be filled explores the variable differences between acoustic and electronic sound as well as depiction of the simulated and the unconscious. It was originally conceived as a collaboration between Jensen and the artist Jonathan Turner as an audio-visual work, but is here presented in its pure audible form.

    Building on a long and romantic tradition of solo cello repertoire, Jensen expands and confuses the familiar sound of the cello through the use of effects pedals, multi-tracking, and tape loops recorded at variable speeds, presented in works she has written for herself as well as a piece she conceived together with Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson. Also featured is Michael Harrison’s Cello Constellations for multi-tracked cello and sine tones, written for Jensen, which meditates on long, sustaining tones.

    With For this from that will be filled, Jensen has made an incredibly strong first album that feels like a surreal and futuristic journey through an alternate timeline.

    Click here for a detailed program note for Cello Constellations by composer Michael Harrison

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