• "Jensen's layered loops express the range of emotions that arise as death draws near, from the simple beauty of bookends 'Daily' and 'Final' to the humble awe of 'Holy Mother.' This collection of requiems for a dying mother ranks among the great ambient albums of the 21st century." - NPR, 50 Best Albums of 2020

    “heavily processed, incredibly powerful neo-classical pieces that seem to come straight from another astral plane” - Self-Titled

    "The Zen clarity of her sound recalls masters like Phill Niblock, evoking universes by honing in on narrow ranges of frequency. But the way Jensen shifts her drones, building them gradually and then hard-cutting to completely new tones, feels singular." - Pitchfork, Best Experimental Albums of 2019

    “languorously void-touching ideas, scaling and sustaining a sublime tension” - Boomkat

    "Meditative or disorienting? Turns out they're one in the same here. That might not be such a bad thing, especially if Jensen's new album shifts us out of our daily routines and into spaces unlike any we know." - NPR

    "Simple repetitions in 'Daily' call to mind a caretaker’s elementary chores—their toll is implied as the music’s edges gradually soften and blur. Jensen’s electronically enhanced vocabulary can astonish: a guttural drone in 'Day Tonight' resembles Tibetan chant, and, in 'Metastable,' the incessant beep of hospital monitors morphs into a stately pipe-organ étude. 'Holy Mother,' a mountainous, windswept threnody, and 'Final,' where nostalgic crackles preface a plainspoken, hymnlike chorale, complete this album of near-supernatural potency." - The New Yorker

    "On her debut album, cellist Clarice Jensen lets sparse compositions bloom into nervous and frequently melancholy clusters of sound. . . The gaps in the compositions play as much of a role as the slashes of strings, but more importantly, the two elements play beautifully against each other: an absence and a presence, dueling in space." - Pitchfork, Best Experimental Albums of 2018

    “a kaleidoscope of pulsing movement rich in acoustic beating and charged with other psychoacoustic effects, constantly shifting in density and viscous timbre.” - Bandcamp

    "Clarice Jensen’s unsettling electronic score commingles with the camera work to build a sense of achingly slow-burn tension. Abstract interstitial montages let off a bit of steam with a propulsive electro soundtrack, marking the passing of time with images of the menacing and the mundane.” - Los Angeles Times

    Photo by Aaron DiGruccio